Ania Catherine + Dejha Ti, 'On View,' exhibition view and performance still | SCAD Museum of Art, 2019 | Phoro: Djeneba Aduayom | Courtesy of the artists.


‘On View’ with
Dejha Ti + Ania Catherine

Saturday, May 4

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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  • Introduction from Storm Janse van Rensburg - Head Curator of the SCAD Museum of Art

  • Immersive video to demonstrate audience-participant experience

  • Interactive design outline and review of the integration of technology, performance,

  • Predictive choreography, interaction design, lighting and scenic

  • Artist and Curator Q&A

What is the role of the artist aura in the era of selfie museums?

‘On View’ is an audience-reactive exhibition by Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti, commissioned by the SCAD Museum of Art.

The exhibition photographs the audience-participants and puts them literally ‘On View’ via a custom engineered system that integrates TouchDesigner, real-time facial recognition, machine learning, kinetics and capacitive sensors. While ‘On View’ is a seemingly non-digital environment, technology is embedded into the atmospheric backdrop at every facet of the experience—a nod to ubiquitous computing. In this presentation, the artists/ designers engage the audience in a conceptual overview of the work using immersive video, provide an interactive design outline, and detail the integration of technology with predictive choreography, scenic design, and lighting. Followed by a Q&A.