Patrick meagher


Patrick Meagher’s art explores how the digital age affects us spiritually and emotionally. Working in computer-generated collage, photography, sculpture, and other media, his art asks how humans will evolve in an era of transgressive technology and increasingly virtual interactions. Patrick’s work speaks to 21st century global movements as humanity reaches for new levels of consciousness.



'Artesian Coordinates (ASMR), 2019' is a collaborative video by Patrick Meagher with Janna Shaw, Dave Shim and Phil Hardy based on a collage by Meagher from 2018. The image and title reference Descartes' 3D globe notion of Cartesian coordinates, artesian water, and art concepts of exploring words and thought patterns, such as Joseph Beuys' 'Ja, Ja, Ja Ne, Ne, Ne' and Warholian obfuscation and clarity in his videos and interviews.

The format of the print as a postcard is a poke at 'revealing the spiritual' through visualization, with the idea of using it as a portable Ouija board. The video (voiced by Janna and Patrick) plays with notions of verbal and non-verbal communication, thought patterns, human interaction, decision' making and consent with a pared-down set of 9 options of largely American slang filler words' (Um, Yes, Oh, Ok, Ah,Yeah, Ookk, Ohhh, Oooh) as points of 'navigation', and perhaps a subtle language of intimacy/humor/revelation.


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