Still from  Moving Ghosts, 2019 |  Courtesy of the artist

Still from Moving Ghosts, 2019 | Courtesy of the artist


Olga Ozerskaya (IVA) is an international artist based in New York and Moscow. She graduated from Lomonosov State University with the degree in Art Business. Olga worked as an interior designer, founder of Omdesign.studio since 2008. To date, she has completed more than 20 design projects across the globe including Miami, London, Munich, Moscow and New York. Olga's professional experience in design has inspired her to continue her formal art education in Saint Martins Academy of Arts  and switch to artist career as a full time job in 2016. To date her works were exhibited at Art Miami Context, Affordable Art Fair Singapore and Amsterdam, and Art & Antique Olympia Art Fair London., Recently her work sold at the first ever auction based on block chain technology. Olga’s mixed-media approach pushes the boundaries of collage, encompassing a myriad of techniques, from digital video art to printed illustration and holograms.

In “The Moving Ghost” you can see the artist appearing from one wall to another, with the layers of landscape overlapping with the artist movements. The idea of the project is  to highlight fast-moving digital progress that is spreading with the speed of light crushing the borders and boundaries between the countries and continents where all of us are moving like ghosts around the world.