Animator | Painter | Musician | Multimedia Artist



Lorin Roser is a Chinese American New York–based multifaceted animator, painter, musician and multimedia artist. As an architect and artist his animation work uses "random manipulations to explore a world of hitherto unseen shapes and structural possibilities." Lorin Roser is partners with Nina Kuo.

As he continues making art, Roser is moving into 3D animations, melding music and form with the digital world. He states, "Visualization is a great tool for architecture because building bricks and mortar is so expensive and computer animation mimics the unfolding of space as you walk through a building. Now I am obsessed with using math to create music and form. The computer excels at this type of exploration.



As a satellite flies through free form architecture Space Barn pops out! This digital utopia envisions a futuristic fortress with reticulated layers of utopia and dystopia. We are held captive in a ritualistic industrialized nightmare/daydream.of capturing and owning the outer space we inhabit as we succumb in our imagination.