Anthony ragucci


Based in Beijing since 2014, Anthony Ragucci is an American artist who is inspired by time spent living abroad. Before Beijing, Anthony lived in Seoul in 2007 where he spent six years as an artist and teacher.

Working in different media including painting, water-based materials and paper, photography, sculpture, video and performance, his practice explores how the actions and decisions we make impact our environment and the way we view ourselves as well as others. His video The Cabinet of Johnny Paintstrokecombines traditional painting and stop-motion animation techniques with digital media to convey his attitudes and feelings towards the creative process. In 2018 it featuredat the Kaaryat International Film Festival (Jaipur, India), the South African Horrorfest Film Festival (Cape Town, South Africa) and the iChill Manilla Film Festival (Manilla, Phillippines).


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