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CADAF Marketplace offers an expertly curated selection of fine digital art and crypto collectibles from international artists and galleries. Our social platform presents visitors with smart tools to discover, buy and sell new media art while networking with the global community at the intersection of art and technology.

CADAF Online, a virtual art fair focused on fine digital art and crypto collectibles provides the opportunity for galleries and independent artists to showcase and sell works in custom virtual booths as well as communicate with collectors and visitors via chat rooms. The fair is designed to make online art shopping interactive, immersive and fun. Visitors access individual booths via the 3D floor plan and utilize smart networking tools to engage with artists and one another. A livestream of diverse cultural programming including artist talks, panel discussions, and screenings will be accessible throughout the fair.

Digital Art Month is a global digital art festival presented by CADAF. We curate an exhibition of augmented reality works, accessible through QR codes, and video art. Digital Art Month is spread out in various public locations and commercial spaces around the city. Designed as a self-guided exploration, visitors locate works on via an interactive map, creating their own digital art walk.